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Frauen im Internet
1. Auflage 1996
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Brogrammers are coders who aren’t super lame geeks. Brogrammers like to party. According to this Businessweek article, you can pick them out from the rest of the nerdy losers because they wear sunglasses, listen to 2pac, turn board games into drinking games, and get invited to naked hot tub parties in Malibu. “We’re the cool programmers,” one self-proclaimed Brogrammer boasts.

Brogrammers say it’s all in good fun — (…) but the trend is making women, who only make up 21 percent of all programmers, feel even more alienated. “This brogramming thing would definitely turn off a lot of women from working” at startups, said Sara Chipps, founder of Girl Develop It, a series of software development workshops.

hahaha diese idioten http://t.co/ZOipnQ4O :D #fefeminismus
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this is why i don't watch nerd tv shows.
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The Hopscotch Blog: Why girls get scared off from programming


We’ve spent the past week user-testing our new programming kits. One thing that’s jumped out is the extent to which girls are concerned about making mistakes. They’re hesitant to run their code until they know they have it right. Boys, on the other hand, are not afraid to jump in and break things. They seem naturally oriented towards trial and error. This results in boys getting started at a much faster rate.

Anyone who wants to teach programming to girls needs to first alleviate this fear of getting something wrong. Girls take to coding just as well as boys once they overcome the first hurdle but they often get scared off before even getting to that point. Most programming courses are geared toward the male method of learning. A course that gets girls equally engaged will surely unleash a flood of heretofore hidden programming talent.

Girls: you should know that 90% of programming consists of getting things wrong. The trick is that you only save the 10% you get right. Don’t be afraid- embrace your mistakes!

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Werden wir immer dümmer?

“My mom has a PhD in math”

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The Ada Initiative


Deemed the first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace is an inspiration to women of all walks of life.

The Ada Initiative aims to  women have in the fields of technology. From editing Wikipedia, to programming a new OS, and the possibility of building the next major tech company.

Technology, programming and the open source culture isn’t just for a select few - Anyone can join. With the help of the Ada Initiative and open minded individuals everywhere, a difference can be made in raising our collective consciousness and bridging the equality gap.


Löten ist um ein Vielfaches einfacher, als flüssigen Eyeliner aufzutragen
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